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Welcome to Dr Jaymz' Site

I find thinking up and making gadgets as much fun as using them.  So that's what I do at work.  On this site you can find out about some of the different design and development stages that go into making something.  Be it electronic or mechanical.  I design the firmware that goes into tiny embedded microprocessors, through the networking protocols, the hardware that supports that, the printed circuit boards that help it work, the enclosures and other mechanical parts, design the computer software to support it, and finally even the user interface.  Because all those parts are essential for many gadgets, I just can't help it. 


Who am I anyway?  Well, I'm one of those people who has their finger in many pies.  I would call myself an engineer, and by engineer - I mean proper Engineer.  I'm interested in all aspects of technology and engineering.  If its a machine, I have to know how it works - I just cannot take it for granted.  So I took it upon myself to understand how every machine works.  I don't know how someone can drive a car and not understand how it works!  Whenever something new comes along I'll probably have taken it apart before too long... That was the start, so you'd guess I would end up with an engineering type job?  I will always turn my hand to mechanical engineering - the odd engine rebuild or even welding which I've done quite a lot of... but my real passion is in electronics.  I like designing things, I like creating things, and I like making things.  Even at about the age of five, I got bored with my radio controlled car and took it to bits - shortly after it was opening and closing my curtains!!! - Ahh that's better :) 


Video Interview - Snapshots Vega Science Trust

Design Work

Darc 3G With Peli Case Removed (designed for http://www.scyron.com by DrJaymz)



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